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Thank you for participating in a pilot of the Pathways Portal. We’re currently shaping a solution to help every CMS student design their post-graduation plan and we need your help!

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Now, we’ll ask some quick questions to see if we're on the right track with the Pathways Portal:

Our goal is to equip students and parents with the awareness necessary to design a plan for launching a career after graduation. How strongly do you agree that we’re focusing on the right goal?
How would you currently go about building a post-graduation plan? Which resources would you use? Please share 1-3 things.
What obstacles do you face to building a post-graduation plan? Please share 1-3 things.
What resources do you wish that you had to build a post-graduation plan? Please share 1-3 things.

If you’re a student, please share a little more about yourself:

Which of the following are you considering after high school? (Select all that apply)
What is your dream job?
How sure are you that this is the job you want?
I am confident that I have the skills and experience to land the entry-level job that I want.
I am confident that I will be able to make it into your dream career.
I am confident in my ability to earn a high income
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Thank you for telling us more about yourself - we’re ready to get started!

Next up, you’ll navigate the pilot version of the Pathways Portal. The pilot version includes a landing page that can help you design a career pathway in the Healthcare Field. It’s a one-stop-shop for key career resources that exist right here in Charlotte!

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